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Perfect Posture Back Support Belt


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Improve Health and Confidence BuilderSmart Back Brace Posture Trainer helps your body and mind to maintain correct posture for long term benefits: improved posture, upper body, relieve pain in your neck, back, and shoulders. Our Last Wearable Smart Posture Corrector has a built-in sensor Real-time gently vibrate whenever you slouch, (the Original Recorded from Correct Posture), Which Reminds you to stand and sit up straight.

-Daily Posture Coaching -Easy to Wear First, Put it On then Adjust Straps and Stand or Sit STRIGHT. Second, Open Sensor and tack Records (Keep upright for 4 seconds) . Finally Reminder Works. Once you Turn Off the Vibration, the Strap still helps you maintain a correct posture.

-Posture Training Device The Correction Process is not easy, and it takes effect only after persistence. Strong Mind – Perseverance ? Habit ? Develops Your Muscle Memory.
-Building Healthy Habits Chest Size about 25″ to 50″, Wide Range Suitable for Must Size of People. Wear with confidence at Office School Home. The perfect Posture Reminder built with a Breathable Strap to ensure your comfort of studying, working in front of the computer for a long time, watching TV, or other Indoor / Outdoor activities.

Unisex design – Comes in 2 color choices.

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